JAWAD have developed a unique range of powders , water soluble powders and liquids, taking into account the needs of farmers, management systems and the variety of climatic conditions that exist throughout the world.
Particularly in warm climates, it is essential that livestock are regularly given a balanced range of vitamins, and electrolytes in order to combat stress related problems.
Similarly whenever birds are under stress due to vaccination, transport, high stocking densities, recovering from disease or have had their routine disturbed, the application of quality vitamin/electrolyte whether in powder or liquid form will greatly enhance both health and performance

JAWAD has built up a reputation for delivering quality oral liquids and powders which have become leaders in several markets. With the emphasis clearly placed on quality control, and development, JAWAD has a wealth of technical support and expertise in animal health, nutrition and disease control.
Mineral/Vitamin and Amino Acid deficiencies in all types of animal can and will result in severe nutritional disorders such as retarded growth rates, anaemia, poor fertility, dermatitis, diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite and in severe cases mortality. It is imperative livestock receive a balanced diet of minerals, vitamins and amino acids which come from a quality source and that have not deteriorated either in transport, storage or have been effected by temperature.
We at JAWAD Products aim to produce feed, premixes and additives of the very highest quality which can be relied on to give farmers guaranteed results.

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